Reviews written by SloppyDog

SloppyDog gave Palmer's Deli & Market 5 Stars

This new spot is great. I thought the WDM and the skywalk locations were good, but this takes the cake. 1st off this location is much bigger. Excellent sandos and they do a Sunday brunch that is gr... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave The General Store Eatery 5 Stars

Oh My God, i love this place. it's right in Valley junction and fun to go at anytime of the year. Sometimes i'll even go there in lieu of the street vendors during their street fairs. They've got d... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Cafe Di Scala 5 Stars

This place rocks!!!! it's located in the MetroMart. This guy, Tony runs it and he makes the tastiest sandwiches. I think I've tried them all. Do yourself a favor and go in and try the famous Nick'... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano 4 Stars

This place is pretty decent- especially for being a chain. I have alway's had i good time there. Obviously, much more authentic Italian food is to be had in some of our local Des Moines restaurants,... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Thai Flavors Restaurant 5 Stars

this place is delicious. it's in a crappy part of town, in a dirty strip mall, next to a walgreen's. to tell you the truth, i would never have dared to go there if i hadn't heard such good things. ... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave A. H. Blank Golf Course 4 Stars

Blank is a pretty solid course. There's not much too it and no real stand-out holes, but it's a good time. They've got some good twilight specials and (except when there's a tourney) it seem like it... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave B & B's Barbeque 4 Stars

I am ammending my review on this place. The last time I was there, I had a blast. I enjoyed a tasty NY Stip steak that really was cooked to perfection. All the staff was very friendly and the hoste... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Palmer's Deli & Market 5 Stars

For what it is, this place is excellent. I go to the skywalk location all the time and it is always packed. The staff is quick and friendly. There specialty sandwiches are very good and they always... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Okoboji Grill 3 Stars

Average and Boring. There was nothing that stood out about this place. Even the servers are boring and mundane. Some of the food is tasty. They've got some OK sandwiches and salads.

SloppyDog gave Wing Zone 4 Stars

This place is good at what they do, I guess. Basically, it just wings and 47 thousand different sauce combinations. Almost too many chocies for anyone who's even a little indecisive.

You feel lik... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Splash Seafood Grille 4 Stars

I don't know if I'm qualified to rate this place, cause I've only had apps, but I 'm going to anyway.

The apps were mostly decent. Nothing really stood out. In fact I've been the 4 times for apps... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave PF Chang's China Bistro 4 Stars

To me, this place is excellent for a chain restaurant. It's kind of like an Americanized Asian cuisine. I have to admit, some entrees you could get at pretty much and any chinese-dive take out place... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Judge Roy Bean's Eatin & Drinkin 4 Stars

I go here for lunch at least once a week. The service is usually good. Sometimes they (or the kitchen) will mess up, but they are so friendly and up front about their errors, that I'll over look it ... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Grounds For Celebration 4 Stars

Nice lunch spot. There's a whole mix of people hanging there. I've seen students studying away and young lovers and suits. All enjoying a sando or a cup of coffee.

My only complaint is the ser... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Granite City Food & Brewery 4 Stars

This place is ok. The beer is nothing special. They have a Mug Clug kind of thing that get's you $3 big mugs of beer (don't quote me on this). It's not quite as cool of a program as the one over at... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Flying Mango 5 Stars

Very very tasty. the cuisine is mostly smoked cajun type stuff. MMMM the quesadilla are yummy and the Big Chop sometimes comes out as big as my head. Don't forget to try the sweet potato pancakes. ... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave 25th Street Cafe 5 Stars

I love this place. Dinner is excellent. Brunch is excellent.

The only thing that I've found that is marginal is the waitstaff. They are always friendly, but sometimes they suck. maybe it's caus... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Urban Grill 5 Stars

I like this place a lot. It's too bad the location sucks. It looks like an old Taco Bell or something and it's in the parking lot of K's Merchandise. But, the food is great. it like your standard ... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Tavern Pizza & Pasta Grill 3 Stars

Pizza is the best thing they got going. Sitting and eating in this dump is depressing. They's fried chicken and stuff like that that they is so boring. If you decide to go there, do you self a favo... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Taki Japanese Steakhouse 5 Stars

I have to admit, I was a little weirded out by the concept of sushi in Iowa. But, then I decided that it doesn't really matter where you live- 9 times out of 10 they are flying their fish in anyway. ... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Nick's Bar & Grill 5 Stars

MMMMMM- this place is great. i've never had a bad experience there. there is a cool patio where you can chill with your sweety, a cold bottle of chardonay, and a crisp salad.

SloppyDog gave La Mie 5 Stars

Excellent lunch- very good. A hip & trendy crowd and cheap tasty food. I will eat here often!

SloppyDog gave Huhot Mongolian Grill 2 Stars

Nothing special here. I think everybody got all excited about this Mongolian grill concept, but when you sit back and really taste this stuff, it's not that good. Sure, it's cheap and all you can ea... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave El Aguila Real Mexican 4 Stars

Dude, I'm from California and I must say that this is the 1st Mexican joint that I found in Des Moines that can come close to holding a candle to some of the west coast places. The waitstaff consists... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Drake Diner 4 Stars

Ok, i guess. Kind of just standard. Nothing special here. That should be their slogan "Drake Diner: There's Nothing Special Here!!!"

But, what do you expect? It's cheap and some things are good... (see full review)