Eat, drink and play locally.

Des Moines Alive helps you find and share the best locally owned places in Des Moines. If you usually visit chains and franchises, we have those too, but we're going to do our best to convert you to local connoisseurs like us!

Latest Additions

Jeramey gave The Fremont 4 Stars

Nice and warm on a cold day best bloody mary

antbee gave The Cab 5 Stars

Jason was our bartender...he did an AWESOME job!! Friendly nice atmosphere ...friendly locals. Would recommend

Sandy gave Club Car Restaurant & Lounge 2 Stars

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Vinny gave Bowlerama Lanes 1 Star

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Kamberley gave Norwood Inn Bar & Grill 3 Stars

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Keischa gave The Playground 5 Stars

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Ahmed gave Club Car Restaurant & Lounge 3 Stars

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Smile gave Waveland Municipal Golf Course 2 Stars

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Jhay gave Drink: The Original Fun Bar 4 Stars

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Celsi gave Bowlerama Lanes 1 Star

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Status Updates

NYC Pizza Cafe: We enjoy eating our pizza outdoors to enjoy the summer sounds of nature. Pull up a seat outside or call us for delivery! (515) 457-8200

Gusto Pizza: Hot enough out there for ya? We have air conditioning, cold beer and wine, and crisp, refreshing salads. #Get Some